Michelle is a Gold Coast, Australian based Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner, trainer and mentor, Lead facilitator of EFT in clinical research trials, Matrix reimprinting and Matrix Birth reimprinting practitioner, Naturopath & Academic of Biosciences. She has committed 29 years to a quest for optimal health of body, mind, spirit and growth – for her patients, clients, family & self.

As an Evidence Based EFT trainer and mentor, Michelle provides expert training to practitioners of these life enhancing techniques and to people who want to enhance their overall wellbeing & live with optimal emotional freedom & health.

Michelle has a strong ethos that we have the power to create our own future, with the first step being to connect with our heart and listen to our true self. Our body has the answers. This is why she is riding the fourth wave of therapy that is EFT and supporting people to unravel the hard-wired beliefs, patterns and behaviours stuck in the unconscious neural pathways, removing limitations and stepping them into a better place of emotional freedom. Any thinking feeling thing that you want to change can be addressed with EFT.

Michelle supports clients one-on-one and in group settings in person and online globally. Facilitating growth & change through gently and safely processing current and stuck emotions. Her clinical and research experience positions her as an expert in this field, and includes working with physical issues, chronic pain, cancer, fertility and women wanting more from life.

A busy mother of three, Michelle maintains her passion for life by having fun, whilst stepping out of her comfort zone. When she isn’t working, you may find her doing Dr Joe Dispenza meditations, yoga, pilates, running or at her favourite place, the beach! She also loves dancing and any kind of live music!

Through the WOW app, Michelle is looking forward to providing EFT tapping solutions for day-to-day situations, uncovering core issues and lessons in emotional, nervous system regulation, including bottom-up techniques to enhance physiological actions, including vagal tone, reducing cortisol, improving immunity and expanding your life! She is also launching her World-First Podcast on WOW.