Louise has been a Jackson Hole, WY, USA-based yoga teacher for over 17 years. She founded Inversion Yoga in Jackson in 2010 which has grown into a wonderful yoga, pilates, and mindfulness studio and café and owned studios in Driggs, Idaho and Hanalei, Kauai.

She loves most variations, lineages, and brands of yoga and pilates and is genuinely thrilled for anyone on the yoga and inner work path. Louise is a student of Ashtanga Yoga as taught in the lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya and her main teachers are Bhavani Maki, Tim Miller, and Dena Kingsberg. She is trained in over 1,000+ hours of Yoga, 500+ hours of Pilates, and is a lead teacher in Yoga Teacher Training programs. Louise loves expanding her portfolio of health and wellness practices and is currently studying to be a Grof Breathwork Facilitator.

When not practising and teaching yoga or pilates, Louise loves to explore the mountains and oceans of this incredible earth. Her greatest joy is being present with others and experiencing heartfelt connections. She aims to teach students how to connect with their centre and explore inward for the answers they may be seeking in the outer realm.

With two feet anchored on earth, Louise teaches students how to become reliable, unwavering, and sincere in both their practice and how they show up in the world.

Her hope is that yoga and mindfulness practices will dissolve judgment, prejudices, and labels that divide us. She inspires us to soar high with love, interconnectedness, and joy, even when we face heartache, loneliness, and despair, and remember how innately strong we are when riding the highs and lows of life.

Louise is looking forward to sharing with the WOW community, breathwork, yoga, and laughter to uplift our spirits so we can fully enjoy this wonderful life.