As both an artist & art therapist, Jo is passionate about cultivating the imagination to encourage creative thinking & promote healing.

With a lifelong passion for art, Jo began her career as a sign writer on the Northern Beaches of Sydney & later became a commissioned artist inspired by the beauty of nature’s beaches. Jo has since lived on the Gold Coast in Australia for over 30 years, teaching painting & art therapy workshops including, Intuitive Art Workshops for Women, Art for Anxiety & Art for Resilience to support people to transform through the power of self-expression.

Through her therapeutic & meditative creative & mindfulness tools & rituals, Jo will inspire the WOW app community to nurture the creative aspect of themselves. Jo invites us to open doors to endless possibilities & discover new ways of problem-solving & self-discovery, through engaging the creative process to tap into our innate potential & uncover hidden talents.

Her compassionate approach & belief in the transformative power of creativity, make Jo’s work as a therapist using art, a haven for those seeking healing, personal growth & positive change. These activities serve as a catalyst for self-expression, providing a much-needed outlet for the energy that resides within us. Jo reminds us that engaging in art interventions can fundamentally support overall well-being by allowing us to explore our emotions, process our thoughts & find solace in the act of creation.


When not making art, teaching art or sharing therapeutic art resources, Jo can be found self-nurturing in the solace & inspiration of nature by strolling through lush rainforests, walking along the serene shoreline of a beach, or exploring local creeks. She also has a deep appreciation for the grounding practice of yoga & meditation embracing both regularly as a means of self-care for mind, body, soul & spirit. She is also a passionate advocate for animal rights.