Israh is a midwife, expedition leader, somatic coach, mentor, rites of passage facilitator, and mother of two sons, who is the embodiment of a life’s work exploring life’s transitions and the thresholds we must cross along the way.

Inspired by a childhood living in different cultures and communities around the world, throughout her life she has continued to be directed by her curiosity and passion for learning. This journey has taken her to live and work with remote tribes in the Afar region of Ethiopia, to Pakistan, to Zanzibar’s bush hospitals, and to the NHS in the UK. She has led youth expeditions in the UK, Ladakh, Armenia, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Lesotho; assisted with the School of Lost Borders in the USA and runs rites of passage programs in the UK where she now lives.

Israh is a co-founder of Transitions and Thresholds, an international series of gatherings for Rites of Passage guides; and has undertaken several research projects considering the role of rites of passage in modern times.

Israh brings somatic coaching, nature connection and rites of passage to support women and girls, tapping into the power of the natural world to guide and hold us in times of change. Her holding supports us to traverse the reality of listening to the inner, whilst also facing the pressures and challenges of modern culture. Her work speaks to the importance of empowering ourselves to respect our inner knowing, learning to listen to what inspires us and choosing the life we wish to lead. Held by a strong sense of gratitude and reciprocity in the unseen she brings this sense of reverence into her personal and professional life.

With her partner and children, Israh has also been establishing a small regenerative farm on Dartmoor, UK, which is home to her family as well as a new venue for nature-based retreats. In her free time, she can be found climbing mountains (these days with babes on her back), jumping in rivers and playing in the woods.

Israh is so looking forward to sharing her new World-First Podcast THE VOICE OF REVERENCE with the WOW community.