Danielle is an Australian Natural Holistic Health professional and Mumma with over 25 years’ experience as a Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Health Coach. Her life mission is to help, guide, support, educate and empower people to achieve optimum health and connect consciously with their true authentic self.

She has worked with elite Olympic athletes, pro surfers and triathletes, and owned and managed integrative health clinics and health food stores. Her area of expertise is female hormones including infertility, menstrual issues and the Menopausal Minefield. She also specialises in burnout and issues with digestion, sleep, weight and mental health. In addition to iridology, Danielle also conducts hair analysis, live blood microscopy, and other investigative health tests and diagnostics.

Danielle believes in giving back to the community and has held numerous fundraising events for charities close to her heart, including HeartKids and the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and supports mental health programs for teens. She is an advocate for equal rights for women and is proactive in helping people prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, arthritis and diabetes.

When she’s not supporting other people’s wellbeing, Danielle enjoys self-care practises such as grounding herself walking barefoot on the beach or being in nature. She also loves supporting new and local art, health and community events.

Danielle’s motto is all about mindset. She reminds us not to let age, society or negative life experiences define us or hold us back! Through the WOW app, Danielle is looking forward to sharing her World-First Podcast “REAL MOJO” and providing health and wellness rituals, knowledge and ideas, to support you to embrace a life full of energy, happiness and good health and have a, “freakin fabulous day every day!”