Dani is a Power Yoga, Fitness and Adventure Lifestyle practitioner. She has taught and led yoga, fitness classes, teacher trainings and personal growth journeys for almost a decade.

She has spent most of her time training in Boulder Colorado and numerous studios around the world and loves the opportunity to inspire people to take their yoga and fitness learnings beyond the confined spaces of a studio or yoga mat. As a fitness trainer, she doesn’t just focus on sculpting bodies but also nurturing the mind and spirit.

Dani now lives in Jackson Wyoming in the USA and continues to fulfil her chase for the thrill of adventure at great heights, speed, stamina and strength. When she is not leading classes or training athletes, you can find Dani running in the mountains or making playlists for classes.

Dani is excited to share her knowledge and help bring out the strength we all hold through movement teaching on WOW. She will be your fitness trainer of not only the body but also the mind.

Dani lives by this philosophy, “I practice because it provides a path to the resiliency we hold, mentally, physically, & emotionally.” Get ready to embark on a transformative journey with Dani.