Andrea is a diverse, innovative, & warm holistic health professional, soul coach, intuitive counsellor, hypnotherapist & teacher from England. She combines modern-day counselling & psychology techniques with time-tested spiritual philosophies to treat the whole person and prevent, rather than just cure symptoms. Her passion is guiding people to live the life they were truly meant to live.

She has training in counselling, EFT, yoga & breathwork, & believes the body has an intelligence & stores trauma if left unresolved. She reminds us that our bodies talk to us if we listen. Andrea is also a qualified Gottman Relationship Therapist and studied love languages, attachment theories & communication styles to deepen friendships, relationships, & cultivate harmony.

Her background includes 25 years as an intuitive reader, teacher & healer, but avoids making predictions, instead empowering clients to realise anything is possible with free will, persistence & motivation. In addition to supporting clients who are at a crossroads in life, Andrea also talks at events.

Her past challenges, negative cycles, curveballs, blocks to fulfilling her passion, toxic relationships, dire money situations, losses & chaotic upheavals, became Andrea’s teacher & catalyst for change. She learned to “know thyself,” forgive, do the shadow work, own her inner guru, tap into her innate power & intuition, breathe, meditate, reframe, & become an obstacle-assassinator by eliminating sabotages to her success. She has an unwavering will to help people do the same and gives people the toolkit to unlock their own healing power & potential.

When she’s not supporting others to live their best life, Andrea enjoys travel, art, yoga, adventures, creative writing, nature, dancing, drumming, tarot, astrology, reading & being a mum to 2 boys & fur baby!

For WOW, Andrea is looking forward to sharing her meditations & mindset offerings, EFT rituals, art therapy & automatic writing exercises, affirmations & more.